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Scottish Artist in Italy
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We have been restoring our traditional house in Italy, and as part of the refurbishment I wanted to create an 'homage to Italian Art'. I started copying some of the great Italian masterpieces.such as the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, The Primavera by Botticelli, and parts of the Sistene Chapel Ceiling by Michelangelo. I thoroughly enjoyed these and also enjoyed getting to know the paintings and perhaps the artist. Now, our house resembles a National Gallery where we have copies of our favourite masterpieces!


The first snowy winter of 2010 gave me the idea to paint a mural of the 'Primavera' (Spring)

The wall though, was a different proportion to the Primavera, so I have added 2 extra figures on the left. These are based on two other Botticelli paintings, and represent me (in blue with paintbrush in hand) and David (the centaur has Davids face, and also a lovely six pack which he does not have in real life!)

I find that in copying the works I have not been able to resist putting in my own little changes.

Ah, that is the great thing! I have the best of both worlds.... A house full of masterpieces which have been altered to suit! I have written about most of these 'copies' in easy to understand language including the academic interpretations of the works and also my own personal opinions about the paintings. More info...


The next winter I painted a mural on the wall of the stairwell. This is a copy of 'Christ of St John on The Cross' by Salvador Dali and the original is in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow, so we have 'known' this painting for a long time! You'll see in the photos below that I needed a trestle built to stand on whilst painting it. More info...

The distorted perspective works well viewed from above and below.


Michelangelo is one of my favourite artists, and we have named the top floor apartment after him. The 'copies' in this apatrment are of parts of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling in Rome.

The Mona Lisa greets you as you enter the house. Leonardo da Vinci
.and a Caravaggio of the 'Angel Dictating the Gospel to St Mathew is on the ground floor.
Rembrandt's 'Man in Armour' continues the traditional theme.


The Last Supper' was an obvious theme for our new outdoor dining area. I thought of Leonardo's versions at first but just loved the iimplicity of this French painter's version




The lane beside our house has now been christened the 'Vialle delle Madonne',by the locals, as I have painted a series of 7 'Madonna and Child's', placing them in little arches along the side of the pathway

Left, some of the copies before going outside....

then below... the lane on a cold spring day and a couple of the arches.....


The snowy February of 2013 saw another copy of a Caravaggio - 'Supper at Emmaus' for the new wall as we enlarge our outdoor dining area.

This painting has more questions than answers for me. But I love it!!

...and so as the house developes more 'classical copies' will be made. It is great to be able to live with these paintings. OSf course they are only replicas of the originals but it is great to have the tranquility of the mountain village combined with the masterpieces of major galleries all around Europe.