I graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1980, and later studied classical painting at the Florence School of Art. Since graduating I have exhibited regularly in art shows throughout Britain and was a member of many Scottish Art Societies. I have 2 lovely, grown up, children who are now independant. In 2009 I moved to a beautiful location in the Appennine mountains of Italy where we run art courses and holidays throughout the year.

A little about me

I have made this house in Italy a living, expanding art gallery. I have copied the work, life size, of many famous Rennaisance artists with the idea that our guests can 'live' with these wonderful works of art.

I have also landscaped the garden here and am currently restoring an old barn. To me 'art' is in the planning and planting of the garden, the creation of a house, the interior decor, the taste and presentation of the food. I believe that we should aspire to live as beautifully as we can.

My lovely house in the Tusco-Emilian National Park high in the Appennine mountains of Italy.
Self portrait 2008

My favourite type of paintings are portraits or figurative in style with a love of drama and colour. I am certainly influenced by the traditional painting techniques of the old masters and also have a healthy respect for a more colourist approach. I love the drama of exagerated colour and the contrast of shadow and light on form.

I am a compulsive 'maker', always doing something, learning something new. So I am accomplished in oils, acrylics, water colours, pastels and almost everything else.....and am also a sculptor. Sculpture was my specialism at Art School with works in clay, wood, stone, fibreclass, plaster and natural materials. Now my I'm a bit older I'm not so good with the power tools, but I have plenty of helpers! around!

Throughout my adult life I have taught art in many institutions. For over 20 years I built up a very successful art department at Strathclyde University where the emphasis was on learning basic skills before using those to express oneself using advanced teaching techniques . I have also taught in many other Further Education colleges, Glasgow School of Art and for other organisations icluding the Open College of Arts. I was also fortunate to gain a great training in art materials by Winsdor & Newton when I worked for them as their 'Educational Advisor for Scotland'.
Now though I am creative every day of life in the mountains of Italy. We welcome guests from all over the world and boast that our art courses really do teach you quickly and well (and enjoyably) how to learn or improve your painting or drawing. www.artholidaysinitaly.com
Other hobbies include walking, climbing (here on our local via ferrata) snowboarding in winter, gardening.....anything outdoors!



Pheona Kerr
Scottish Artist in Italy

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